Dear Parents/Guardians, Greetings! After serving in the education sector for about a decade in Nepal and teaching hundreds of students in different schools and university, we at VSC are able to identify a key gap in the education. The key gap is to focus on chalk-talk method along with text-book based learning. We are trying to translate our traditional methods and techniques into the modern assets, however, our skills and strategies have not been able to serve the purpose in 21st century. Needless to say, we arrived into post method pedagogy and we are expected to be aware of technocratic knowledge, content knowledge and methodological procedures, quality classroom-delivery, student-oriented research and their presentation to meet the gap.  

Having a prime location at Chabahil, VSC. accesses from every hook and corner of metropolis offering a unique learning atmosphere. Here, we have an enriched learning set-up with a team of highcalibre academic and experienced faculties. We value and honor our aspirants and respect their spirit of learning. We do not seek the best method to teach rather we seek the best method to learn because we encourage our students to be able to learn on their own. We very often organize workshop, seminars, career counseling training, ECA trainings and other music, dance and sport trainings for our learners, therefore, they can contribute to attain their personal growth. 

We encourage parents, students and faculties to collaborate each other to achieve our goal and success. To be successful young teachers must perform to the best of their ability in every aspect of their learning. Therefore, we offer continuous take-home assignments, assessments, project-based presentation, etc. to our students so that they can achieve success in their lives. We embrace technology not for showcasing our modern mindset but for challenging the challenges of 21st century. We want technology to be utilized as a tool to assist our teaching and learning activities. 

It is our pride and privilege to welcome you as a part of VSC, the vibrant learning community. Best wishes!



Ganesh Bastola
Co-ordinator, VS College