Dear Parents/Guardians, You are welcome to Vinayak Siddha College (VS College). This is the fifth year of the establishment of our college and we surely have a number of success stories to share. We develop a good rapport with our students and offer quality education in an affordable fee structure. The educational experience we provide at VSC offers new learning opportunities through classroom and excursion-based activities designed to challenge and extend personal development and linguistic competence. Vinayak Siddha College provides a unique academic environment to help young students achieve their dream of being accepted in 21st century global arena. 

At VS College, we value the richness and cultural diversity our students bring into our academic classroom. We do not teach rather we teach them to learn. Here, the students are facilitated with technological devices and they are taught the 21st century skills to be creative, cooperative and critical. We focus on shaping up student's discipline and moral conduct. We try to instill hope in the minds of the students and teach them the importance of supremacy of knowledge and moral assets. We immensely believe that our students enjoy the most when they are with us because we prioritize technology-based classroom activities, field-based project work, mini-research, pair and share work, PowerPoint presentation, interactive classroom performance/activities, regular follow-up, counseling and prompt feedbacks on the students’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Apart from this, we offer well-designed furniture, modern lab and library, and also, we have a sufficient number of classrooms maintained for academic work and research. Moreover, we offer diverse course choices. We have science, management, humanities, law and education streams made available for plus two aspirants and Management (BBS) and Humanities (B A/BSW) for Bachelor students. We are prepared for other Bachelor and Master courses as well. We are delighted to welcome you to this secondary school/ college. Your presence in this vibrant learning community is everything for us. 

Looking forward to seeing you at VS College and knowing more about you.

Ram Krishna Simkhada
Principle, VS College